Our home is a reconstructed resort style terrace house. It is safe, quiet and conducive for study environment. There are 3 levels; Entrance garden, 2 garden balconies and a back yard.

We provide quality homestay and guardianship services for international students to have proper study in Singapore and let parents have a peace of mind. Guardians are university graduates. And lady owner was a ex-MOE school teacher for many years and presently providing tuition to students as well. Besides, we also have helper to prepare daily home cook food, do laundry and cleanings to maintain neat and tidy.

In our house, fully air condition, high speed fibre optic Wi-Fi, TV and telephone system are originally installed for the convenient and comfort of every family member staying with us.

Local TV media has actually come to our house for short film shooting, we were happy to share our place with them.

* Click to watch the short film, 《十字路口》:  十字路口, Ep. 5

Please feel free to dowload Wishfulfilling profile for your contact and reference from here.

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我们的家园 – 寄宿家庭



我们非常乐于与人分享我们的家园。有一次,本地的的电视媒体甚至还到我们的家进行影片拍摄: 《十字路口》,第5集